Since its creation, the aim of Fundecyt has been to serve as a link between Corporations, the University and Society. Fundecyt establishes a dialogue and collaboration between these entities,  and thus contributes to improving its action radius, creating wealth and the integral development of the Autonomous region of Extremadura.

Despite its recent conception, the activities of the Foundation have been very intense and it has always distinguished itself by being at the forefront of technological innovation. Fundecyt is the driving force behind past and present changes which have transformed this region, without forgetting its national and international influence through participation in international networks such as the OTRI network, the network of University-Corporate Foundations, the COTEC foundation, European projects such as the European Commission’s relay centre network, and the opening of a fruitful field of action in Latin America.

The support of the Knowledge Society in Extremadura, and the confidence deposited in us by national and European Community institutions for the implementation of countless projects, are proof of the specialization and professionalism of our personnel and services. Likewise, the backing of the FUNDECYT Trust, formed by the Regional Government of Extremadura, The University of Extremadura, Caja Badajoz and Caja Extremadur,a have enabled us to begin the new millennium with increased optimism.  
Fundecyt continues to contribute to innovation in its region and reinforce  its task in society.

  • To act as a source of information, advice and coordination for projects involving Technology, Science and Society
  • Being a reference for the south-west of the peninsula in strategic fields for competitiveness (such as training, employment, innovation and technology)
  • Creating companies and the information society, addressing challenges and opportunities, offering innovative and competitive solutions, and promoting new forms of cooperation.     

 In short, Fundecyt unites the efforts to reach common goals.

Foundation for the Development of Science and Technology
C. Montesinos 2806002 Badajoz

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