SVEA - Promoting web 2.0 uptake for organisational and personnel development in Vocational Education and Training and adult training

The use of web 2.0 social platforms such as wiki’s, blogs and podcasts offers new possibilities for networking, and project management. Users are able to publish their own texts, images or videos, and can share them with others.  A European partner consortium, including MFG Baden-Württemberg in Germany, CSP Innovazioni nelle ICT in Italy, EuroPACE ivzw in Belgium, FUNDECYT in Spain, and Coleg sir Gâr in Wales, aims to realize the organizational and educational development potential of web 2.0, through an innovative new project called SVEA. 

SVEA primarily targets vocational and education trainers, as well as adult trainers. SVEA means to provide these education professionals with both an on- and offline training framework on the applications of web 2.0. In doing so, SVEA seeks to enhance both their education skill set, and to streamline and decentralize organizational processes. The resulting collaborative management, and greater focus on learner-centered and self-exploration learning, will allow for greater competitiveness and increased visibility in the education market.



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