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SVEA platform

In order to foster the use of web 2.0 tools for organisational and personnel development in VET and adult training, the SVEA consortium developed a platform which aims to bring together, in a single environment, the benefits offered by different web 2.0 tools and social platforms.

Built using Open Atrium, the SVEA platform has been designed to be easy-to-use and intuitive. It is based on the open software Drupal and, as such, it is extensible and customizable.

Tools and functionalities

The SVEA platform offers different functionalities, which are designed to support the learners in the overall management of their learning activities that can range from face-to-face to fully online.

  • A Wiki that allows the management and sharing of documents and attachments within a group. Different kinds of external resources (e.g. video, slides, audio etc..) can be easily embedded.

  • A Case Tracker that allows the user to assign “to do” lists and create unlimited “projects” within each group. A case is a “task” that is assigned to one or more user. The case tracker also allows the user to classify the “to do” item, give it a priority, and manage its status.

  • A Blog that allows the user to have a conversation on a topic with the course team and with other users.

  • A Calendar that allows users to share events and meetings within a group. This functionality permits users to easily communicate key events such as the starting and ending dates of courses, exams, deadlines for submissions and so on.

  • A Shoutbox, a microblogging service that allows users to share short messages, links, and information within a group.

  • Bookmarks system that allows to collect and share external links.

  • A My List which is a simple "to do" list that every user can use in order to define, for example, which task or exercise he will perform first.

  • A Documents repository that allows saving documents in different formats and navigating through a personalized file repository and assigning access permission to other users. Users can create their own folders and share documents with specific users.

  • A Private messaging system that allows group members to send direct messages to another group member.


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