SVEA Webinar “Ensuring high-quality in e-Learning 2.0 trainings“

On 16th December 2011 (10.00 – 11.30 am CET) a second SVEA webinar was organised. The webinar was led by Prof. Dr. Ulf EhlersVice-President Quality and Academic Affairs, Baden-Württemberg Cooperative State University, Vice-President of EFQUEL – European Foundation for Quality in e-Learning.

What was the Webinar about?

Within this webinar Ulf Ehlers highlighted the most important points which a manager should consider to ensure high-quality standards when he starts implementing social media in the training and course concepts in his training organization. 

As social media are open and collaborative tools where the content’s quality very much depends on the contributors and their activities the requirements to evaluate and rate the students’ activities and the securing of high learning standards differ a lot to the traditional course setting. Besides the overall quality framework on which a training organization is based on also the roles and behaviour of all involved actors such as the quality manager, the trainers but also the students themselves have to be adopted. 

These and further points were discussed in the SVEA online seminar “Ensuring high-quality standards when starting integrating elearning 2.0 in trainings”

The recorded session can be accessed here.

Another webinar was organised on "Learning support with Social Media". Both webinars can also be accessed here.


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